onsdag 9 september 2009

Innocent When You Dream / 2009

Innocent When You Dream

5/9 - 20/9 2009
Opening Hours: Tuesday -Friday 12.00 - 18.00 Saturday -Sunday 12.00 -16.00

The exhibition brings together an international group of like-minded daydreamers and well -wishing creators from northern Europe. Although from various backgrounds and disciplines, the artists included share common inspirations drawing from popular culture and the mundane everyday, in a highly contagious attempt at seeing beauty in the people, objects and incidents that make up their immediate surroundings. As much as there is variety in the choice of media and subject matter within the show, there are great many similarities in the artists' approach to making art. They all share a strong sense of almost innocent enthusiasm and readiness to embrace the life around them, a sort of nostalgia for a positive present that manifests itself through their work, a way of seeing the city around them as an endless resource of raw artistic materials and renewable creative energy. Innocent when you dream transforms the gallery space into a disco ball of art, reflecting the life outside the white walls and beaming it right back into the eyeholes of the unsuspecting gallery goers.

Marcus Oakley, Stefan Marx, Jens Andersson, Jan Tomson, Tuukka Kaila,Timo Vaittinen, Karri Kuoppala,Tatu Engeström

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